Yoga Wisdom and Meditation : February 2016

February 20th and 27th, 2016

A contemporary teacher calls it – “an epidemic, especially in the west”- that incessant striving to be somebody, our fascination with identity.

At a recent talk, a former monk shared her experience after leaving her order 30 year later.

She said she had felt protected sometimes hidden behind her robes. That small, in many ways insecure person of 30 years ago was still inside.

She shared coming out was a moment of embodying true responsibility.

“ It’s rare and a privilege to be able to live a spiritual life as well as have a career and a family”.

We can learn to recognise the sacredness of this physical world with all its messiness and including our emotions. This is the wisdom of the sages.

The monistic texts of non dual tantra, in particular the Vijnana Bhairava, teach us how to live embodied while we undergo liberation from our differentiated thinking, our sense of separation.

This mystical text, first written down about 1500 years ago is in the form of a transcendental dialogue between the great teacher Bhairava an this beloved consort, Shakti or Devi.

Each of the 112 dharanas, or centering meditation techniques promise an upward shift, a way to elevate our consciousness leading to the experience of fulfillment, wisdom and ecstasy as we are living a householders’ life.

By entering into the essence of any ordinary moment, and particularly intense feelings thoughts or experience, we literally unlock the power to know, to be present, to unfurl our joy, creativity and wisdom.

In the recent Yoga Wisdom and Meditation we began to explore the ‘madhya’, the mid point between any two movements, and ’sunya’ the void, as the doorways to the infinite.

In the upcoming workshops Yoga Wisdom and Meditation we will deepen into these revelatory practices and  be introduced to more of the dharanas.

These workshops are highly experiential and available for the experienced and novice meditator.

* Saturday February 20th & 27th
   11am – 1.30pm

* Centre for Emotion Focused Practice 
  1/102 Toorak Rd South Yarra

* $100 for both sessions
  $60 if taken individually (you are encouraged if possible to take both to enable continuity of practice)
  $90 if you introduce a friend (to both sessions)

*Interstate Participants  (taking the workshops via audio Skype)

* Dates 

 Sunday March 6th     7pm – 9pm
 Sunday April 3          7pm – 9pm

* Fee $100 for both, $60 individual session

Workshops require minimum registration numbers and thus maybe cancelled at short notice. Space is limited so early registration is suggested.

Payments to 

Karen Workman
012 356
2596 94574

Payments are non-refundable 

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Enquiries– please contact Karen or phone  0403 932 223

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