Gendai Reikiho Training Feb 2018

GENDAI REIKIHO TRAINING Gendai Reikiho, developed by Hiroshi Doi Sensei is a traditional Reiki practice that focuses  as its primary intention on illuminating spiritual development and embodying the truth of Reiki, the great Light of consciousness. In this weekend you are invited … Continue reading

Meditation & Healing Circle Aug 19

” Someones asks, ‘How can I open my heart?’ the only answer that can be given is, ‘When your limited identity dissolves, you will find your heart is already open’” ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, ‘Magic of the Heart’ 1996 Meditation uplifts … Continue reading

Deepening Your Practice – Absorption

Deepening your Practice:  The Final Goal – Absorption A new 3 part series of Audio Skype advanced workshops for Reiki Practitioners  May 7th,14th, 21st 2017 In this new series, through the lens of the Symbols the 5 Gokai and Gendai … Continue reading

Meditation and Healing Circle

” There is neither you nor me: neither contemplated nor contemplation There is only the creator of the Universe who became lost in forgetfulness itself ” ~ Laleshwari Everyone, please join me for this special meditation and healing gathering. The … Continue reading

Meditation and Japanese Reiki Retreat

“ You are the vibrational writer of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have  assigned them.” ~ Abraham Hicks MEDITATION and JAPANESE REIKI RETREAT  One Day  Sunday March 20, … Continue reading

Reiki Workshop Sydney November 2013

You are warmly invited to attend this Gendai Reiki seminar in Sydney. SHODEN – Level 1 During this workshop you are attuned to channel Reiki for your own growth and health. This workshop is highly experiential. We practice together understanding … Continue reading