Reiki & Mental Health

Reiki is an ancient healing art which deeply restores clarity and balance to the physical, emotional and mental system.

I approach Mental Health from a spiritual basis as much as an emotional mental or organic perspective.

Reiki can be used as a tool to balance and harmonize the nervous system, soothe agitation and anxiety, and is widely regarded therapy in conventional and complimentary systems.
As a spiritual tradition, Reiki deepens awareness of the sense of self, and invokes the higher qualities sometimes needed to face the challenges of  inner and outer worlds; equanimity, calm, courage, fortitude, resilience, forgiveness, to name a few.

Clients often report that they experience unexpected benefits through Reiki treatment, including a sense of well-being, empowerment and deeper understanding of the root of their disharmony.

Using Reiki together with psychotherapy is a choice you the client make make, to work with Reiki as well as, or instead of, traditional psychotherapy. Reiki is not given without the full informed consent of the client in each session. Reiki sessions are not claimable in the Medicare system, but your private health insurance may offer some rebate.

I have offered Reiki therapy for many years. It is a pleasant and empowering treatment, especially useful for unexplained somatic conditions, trauma, extreme anxiety, depression, OCD and Aspergers syndrome. Reiki therapy is available through my Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane practices.

There is a small but growing body of evidence that Reiki changes the brain.
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