My Approach

I respect the body immensely. The body reveals many truths we have lost in the complex labyrinth of the mind. Using body awareness allows for fresh exploration of the limiting impressions and core beliefs that delude us into believing we are small, unworthy, and powerless.

Following feelings, sensations, and thoughts as they are revealed in the body access the unknown. Making the unknown known can be creative, playful and sometimes painful too. The process is transformative; experiencing the joy and the grief of self-discovery, of simple intention to discover and allowing the unfolding of awareness.

As we develop , sometimes things happen outside our control. Sometimes the challenge is with us before we know about it.
Psychotherapy is about remembering who we are, in the highest sense, as well and letting go of the wounds.

Hakomi therapy works with unconscious beliefs.

Sensorimotor psychotherapy resolves traumatic activation in the nervous system. Trauma symptoms can be mistakenly attributed as personality.

Reiki therapy draws the awareness deeply within, beyond the fluctuations of both mind and body. The essence of our true nature is experienced through becoming aware of and dissolving disharmony in our mental emotional and physical system.

All sessions invoke self-study, without shame or blame. A spacious field of loving presence engenders mindfulness and transformation.