Meditation and Healing Circle

” There is neither you nor me: neither contemplated nor contemplation There is only the creator of the Universe who became lost in forgetfulness itself ” ~ Laleshwari

meditation corcle with Karen workmanEveryone, please join me for this special meditation and healing gathering.

The focus will be simple yet powerful- meditation practice followed by Gendai Reiki hand healing teate.

We become the silence, the peace as we practice teate on self and others. Reiki practitioners and other healing artisans, please invite anyone, this means you too, who would just like to receive Reiki.

 Awareness opens itself to those who are willing to journey inward toward freedom and awakening.

Just for 2 hours, give yourself a gift – realise the profound stillness that lies at your core and experience transformation.

All are welcome regardless of meditation experience or Reiki experience…. (You don’t need to be a Reiki channel to participate).

.. please come..

With sufficient interest the circle will be held monthly.



1.00 PM  3.00 PM


$30 ($25 concession)

Pre-registration by April 18th is appreciated so the final venue can be booked.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Karen 0403 932 223.

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