Immerse yourself in Non Dual teachings and the higher vibration of Gendai Reiki

Gendai Reiki with Karen WorkmanTimes of inner and worldly challenge and chaos can also be profound opportunities for breakthrough and transformation.  I’m inviting you to take a deep dive into the teachings of Traditional Japanese Reiki tradition— which can literally reconstruct your life.

As you take this inner journey in a place that feels pure and safe, the first truth you discover is that Reiki isn’t about feeling good, or mythical healing powers. It is a journey of transformation deeply steeped in non dual teaching.

In Shoden, the first step on the path of energy, you are initiated into the lineage to open the inner spiritual channel. The benefits are immense. Not only can you transmit high vibration to yourself and others, you begin to understand the nature of Reality, how to guide your life outwardly and inwardly, toward harmony and peace.

Chartering the ocean of consciousness becomes a passage of intrigue and revelation. Disharmony is the beckoning doorway to infinite realms in subtle consciousness.

On Saturday March 25th, I’ll be offering SHODEN in South Yarra premises.

In my view, there could be no sweeter way than to spend a half day  exploring the subtle realms where non dual teachings and Reikiho (Reiki practice) meet. That’s what we’ll be doing, guided by Reiki and the Gendai Reiki traditional practices.

I’ll offer initiation, lectures and practice sessions – you’ll deeply connect to an eternal vibration of love, harmony and wisdom.

It makes for rich union to study practice and open with other like minded evolving individuals. Perhaps you’ll find your heart is drawn to work with Reiki, perhaps you’ll focus completely on yourself.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the Master training on July 8th and 9th, details of which are coming soon..

To register, full payment is required before Sunday March 19. There will be limited places for reviewing students, and one partial fee scholarship.

That you’re reading this means you’re ready. No previous experience is needed. For more information on Gendai Reiki ho  go to

To apply, please contact me

Gendai Reiki with Karen WorkmanSHODEN:  Gendai Reiki level 1

Saturday March 25
10am – 1.30pm
$300 inc gst

Karen Workman
Shihan Gendai Reiki
0403 932 223

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