FREE Meditation and Reiki Healing Gathering

meditation and healing circle with karen workman

I’d love you to join me on Sunday July 16th, for free audio Skype workshop entitled “What is my Purpose?”

During this 2 hour on line gathering we’ll meditate, practice and receive Reiki. We can harness the subtle energies at this time of radical change and personal dilemma. Going beyond wounding we are propelled toward the nature of Reality. Who am I? What do need to do? What is the purpose of my birth?
These questions can apply to mundane life decisions, world situations, professional, relationship, family or moral and ethical dilemma. Ultimately we all need to face the inner battlefield of the mind with courage, equanimity and be still enough to know the Truth.
The July full moon is a particularly powerful time for turning inward.

Every one of you is an agent of evolutionary transformation. In this gathering, we’ll unite our collective energy within the vibration of Reiki for deeper personal awakening. You do not need to be an advanced or regular meditator nor a Reiki channel. All are welcome to join.

The workshop is free. If you’d like to make an offering, please choose a charity of our choice or perhaps these two links below may be of interest for you.

While there’s no fee, registration and commitment to attend once registered is expected.

SUNDAY JULY 16 via Audio Skype
1:00pm – 3:00pm

*Registration by Sunday July 9 via email
You’ll need the latest version of Skype headphones and know how to mute and unmet yourself to participate.

Karen Workman Yoga Wisdom /Meditation / Japanese Reiki master/

Email Karen or phone 0403 932 223

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