Desire and Knowing

“Just for a breath, Forget what you want. Forget what you know. Receive the real teaching, The Essence of Freedom”       Lorin Roche

Desire and KnowingPlease join me on Sunday August 13th
for an audio Skype workshop, ”Desire and Knowing”.

During this 2 hour on line audio gathering we’ll meditate, practice and share Reiki. Entering chaos and impulse our awareness is propelled beyond a lifetime of binding limitations…grabbing, holding compulsivity dissolve. The true trajectory behind desire is yearning  to experience the Truth- completeness, satisfaction and eventually ‘enough-ness’. 

Today is the auspicious day to free yourself- to inquire ‘Before desire arises in me who am I?”

As impulses arise, we can attend to this rising as the beckoning and illumination of the original Self.

Within the brilliant vibration of Reiki slumbers profound transformation.  You do not need to be an advanced or regular meditator nor a Reiki channel. All are welcome to join.

The workshop fee is $30 ( $25 concession). If you participated in this workshop in Melbourne on July 16, you’re welcome to participate again for an offering. You may like to support these causes…

SUNDAY August 13th via Audio Skype

1:00pm – 3:00pm

Pre Registration and payment please

by Thursday August 10th via email to Karen

You’ll need the latest version of Skype headphones and know how to mute and unmute yourself to participate.

Karen  Workman

Yoga Wisdom /Meditation /Japanese Reiki Master/

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