Deepening your Practice: the inner transformative power

I clearly remember my first Reiki workshop in Vancouver 1990… old loft warehouse in the bohemian quarters of the city….high timber beams.. As if the building had memories, outside – cold icy weather.. As I entered I felt a warm still  presence, what has now become a space of tranquility wisdom and beauty.. In those early moments it was as if after lifetimes I’d come home.. ..
The experience of Reiki continues to support and astound me. It’s depths are limitless and echo simplicity.

For many of us, after the initial awakening, the work begins. It’s challenging to stay committed to the path, to maintain our practices. As Reiki continues it’s journey of awakening,  limiting beliefs and impressions are flung into awareness. One of these is dullness. Dullness wreaks havoc in our spiritual growth and  affects our worldly existence .

In gratitude I’m offering ongoing three part tele courses, designed to connect you with the transformative power of Reiki as daily practice.

During each of the three week, 11/2 hour classes you will enter deeply into some aspect of the practice.

The first of theses three part series commences January 10, 2016.

Sundays January 10th, 17th, 31st 2016

7.00pm to 8.30pm ESDST via audio Skype

Whether a new, returning or a seasoned student of Reiki  you will be guided to enter new levels of Reiki and kindle the inherent wisdom of the heart of universal consciousness.

Week 1

The Essence of Reiki

How can Reiki help me heal, how can I reach or even know my life and spiritual goals ( which of course are one and the same!)?
Beginning the enquiry of the three big questions: Who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose?
What limits me in achieving my potential?

Week 2

Understanding the symbols for healing and self growth

We will look at how to use the Gendai Reiki practices and  symbols for your specific current life challenge as a doorway to dissolving deeper limitations that hide  contentment happiness and thwart growth and development.

Week 3

Creating a personal Immersion plan

In week 3 you’ll be supported to create your own practice for a specific intention.
Between sessions, I will be available to answer questions via email or private blog. Participants will be able to access a group communication circle.
You will learn how to expand consciousness as you go about your daily life or in traditional practice.

All calls will be via audio Skype, and are open to Reiki practitioners of all traditions who have trained to Okuden (level 2).
Please invite any Reiki practitioner who you feel would benefit from this self exploration.


$125 Gendai Reiki students
$135 other Reiki traditions

Early bird by  December 14, 2015

$120 Gendai Reiki Students
$125 other Reiki traditions

Workshops require minimum registration numbers and thus maybe cancelled at short notice.

Copyright Karen Workman2015

Enquiries contact Karen HERE or phone  0403 932 223

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