Deepening your Practice: February 2016

Deepening your Practice: the inner transformative power

Three audio Skype workshops for Reiki practitioners

February 14th, 21st, 28th 2016

We walk the path of energy.

Initiation into Reiki is an ongoing invitation to grow and meet our destiny with clarity, endeavor and a good sprinkle of lightheartedness.

The Melbourne sky has been dark and full bodied these past few evening. Sunset lingers. At such moments, I’m silenced…….how magnificent is this manifestation of the creative vibration that underlies all of existence.

We have been born to know the essence of life, to revel in and as this great Light whose movement is at the heart of every particle of this Universe.

I’d like to thank those students who recently joined me in the first 3 session Deepening your Practice series. We explored and shared new realms experienced Reiki and inner miracles.

I’m delighted to offer the next three part tele course in the transformative power of Reiki .

During each of the three week, 2 hour classes you will enter deeply into some aspect of the practice.

The first of the February three part series commences February 14, 2016.

Sundays February 14th, 21st, 28th 2016                       7.00pm to 9.00pm ESDST via audio Skype

Whether a new, returning or seasoned student of Reiki you will be guided to enter the transformative power of Reiki.

The classes will be via audio Skype, and are open to Reiki practitioners of all traditions. Class 1 is open to any level of Reiki. Classes 2 and 3 are for level 2 and beyond students.

Please invite any Reiki practitioners who you feel would like to participate in this exploration, and feel free to share this flier via your social media or other Reiki networks.

Week 1 The Essence of Reiki (open to all Reiki students)

What is the essence of Reiki? How can Reiki enhance my worldly life and fulfill my spiritual destiny.

Week 2 Learning the language of Vibration (open to level 2,3 and 4 students)

We will explore the meaning of boysen, how to detect and interpret boysen in self healing as well as to raise our consciousness. We will continue our understanding and use of the symbols with new awareness of boysen.

Week 3 Creating a personal Immersion plan (open to level 2, 3,4 students)

In week 3 you’ll be guided to create your own practice for a specific intention.

In particular, we will begin to unlock the mysterious power in the 5 Gokai, Reiki principals, as a means for immersion.

Between sessions, I will be available to answer questions via email. Participants are invited to an e-group communication circle. You will learn how to expand consciousness as you go about your daily life or during traditional practice

Fees (all 3 sessions)
$125 Gendai Reiki students
$135 other Reiki traditions

Individual sessions $60

Workshops have minimum and maximum registration numbers and maybe cancelled at short notice.

Payments to Karen Workman

012 356
2596 94574

Payments are non-refundable.

Enquiries – please contact Karen or phone 0403 932 223

Copyright Karen Workman 2015/2016

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