Deepening Your Practice: August 2016

karn workman deepening your practiceDEEPENING YOUR PRACTICE:


A new series of audio Skype advanced workshops for Reiki practitioners
August 7, 14, 28 2016

Reiki is an internal practice.
It refines the subtle intellect and the subtle body until eventually we fully resonate as Reiki.
Reiki practice is simple in that there is very little to learn using objective consciousness.
Expanding understanding however, is infinite. Our aim is to live inside Reiki.
Contemplation and working with skillful intention are the lens we apply in our study during this next three part tele course Deepening your Practice: Reiki as Internal Practice

During each of the three week, 2 hour classes you will enter deeply into some new aspect of the practice.
The first of this new three part series commences August 7th, 2016.

Sundays August 7 14 & 28 2016                              7.00pm to 9.00pm EST via audio Skype
The classes will be via audio Skype, and are open to Reiki practitioners of all traditions.
Class 1 is open to any level of Reiki. Classes 2 and 3 are for level 2 and beyond students.
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Week 1
Sunday August 7th (open to all Reiki students)

The essence of devotional practice and the Reiki principal

Week 2
Sunday August 14th

The Gokai (principals) and symbols as elevating practices

Week 3
Sunday August 28th

Opening and closing of the channel.
Metaphysics of thought and desire from a Reiki perspective
Language and communication as Reiki.

These sessions are both highly experiential and interactive, with ample time for Q&A and sharing.

Fees (all 3 sessions)
$125 Gendai Reiki students
$135 other Reiki traditions
Individual sessions

Karen Workman
BSB 012 356

Workshops have minimum and maximum registration numbers and maybe cancelled by the organizer at short notice.
Registrations are non-refundable if cancelled by the student

Registration enquiries: contact Karen
0403 932 223

Copyright Karen Workman 2016

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