Advanced Meditation Training

advanced meditation training with karen workmanAdvanced Meditation training for yoga teachers and practitioners.

Awakening Meditation:
The Tantric Pathways of the Vijnana Bhairava begins Saturday, April 8, 22, 29.

Dear Ones,

Meditation is not just what you do on the mat. Meditation comes along with you into your days, awakening your relationships, changing the way you do your work. It helps you navigate large and small challenges. I’ve found it to be the one indispensable practice for discovering devotion and power.

Yet to keep our meditation practice vital and dynamic, we periodically need to cultivate our practice and explore new ways.
I’m so delighted to invite you to a newly offered three-part meditation practice
workshop called

Awakening: The Tantric Pathways of the Vijnana Bhairava.

Vijnana Bhairava means “Divine Realization”. The practices in this text have been revered for centuries for their power to kindle realization. The classes offer a series of empowerments into the wisdom and experience at the heart of an extraordinary tradition of meditative sages.

Our exploration begins on Saturday, April 8 and continues April 22nd and April 29th.

The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is believed to have first been chanted by the Kashmiri sages about 1500 years ago. Presented as a dialogue between Shiva (Bhairava) and his consort, Shakti, it brings depth and lightness to the journey of self-realization.

These practices can help you discover an entirely new relationship with your mind, your body, and your senses. It shows us how the most ordinary activities—eating, working, the feeling of being stuck or when in emotional chaos—can become doorways into the heart of reality.

Ongoing Awakening

I’m guessing that many of you have experienced awakenings—in your teaching, practice and in your daily life. Awakenings need to be cultivated. They need to be nourished—not only by meditation or yoga, but also by soaking yourself in teachings that help you live the deepening awareness.
That’s why I’m offering this new three-part course—to invite the wisdom of the Kashmir Shaivite tradition and Spanda principal to take root inside our bodies and minds and hearts….to support your own next steps into true meditation—at whatever level you are ready to engage. The class is an initiatory process, supported by my own practice lineage. Our teacher of the inner Yoga is Bhairava, Lord Shiva.

On registration, you will receive links for several transcripts and a brief outline of the approach of the tradition.


Spanda is the Sanskrit name for the creative pulsation that manifests change, growth, and transformation. Spanda is the source of your deepest energy. It’s the vibratory impulse that creates life, plays through our body and mind, and that is the force behind our liberation.
When you can tune into the Spanda principle inside your body and mind, you’ve unlocked the true key to living a creatively awakened life.

During the classes, we’ll embody both the theory and practice of this profound tantric yoga. We’ll look at the verses themselves – we’ll learn how to apply these teachings on and off the mat.
Please join me in a journey of inner exploration and awakening.

Saturdays April 8, 22, 29

1:00pm – 2:30pm
Om Yoga Australia
316-320 Toorak Rd, South Yarra, Melbourne 3141.

Fee: $125 incl gst
Trainee teachers: $100
OM Yoga teachers: 10% discount

Pre-payment in full by direct deposit is necessary.

Karen Workman
012 356
Note: There will be no cancellations or refunds after payment.
For more information and enquiries: Contact Karen or phone 0403 932 223

Karen Workman is a registered psychologist, yoga wisdom and meditation teacher and traditional Japanese Reiki Shihan. She has been teaching and practicing meditation since 1993. Karen is a dedicated practitioner of yoga since 2000.

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